Tiffany House and Trevor Renshaw

May 16th, 2010


How We Met

Our story begins early in the spring of 2005 while Tiffany was busy as a bee earning her early childhood education degree in college and working at Okefenokee Adventures in the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge in Folkston, Georgia. Trevor was away in college at Georgia Southern plugging away at a computer science degree.

One fateful day, Trevor decided to begin hitching a ride back to Folkston each weekend with his roommate, Robbie, who made the long journey each week to see his sweetheart back home.  Trevor saw this arrangement as the perfect opportunity to go back to his favorite old job each week, working as a boat tour guide at Okefenokee Adventures. It was there where the romantic lure of the Okefenokee began to work its magic, tugging at the hearts of the unsuspecting duo.

Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months, soon it was almost summer, and Tiffany and Trevor had formed beautiful friendship.  It was a warm night on May 14, 2005 when Trevor was dropping Tiffany off at home after a game of bowling with friends. Trevor was quiet and there was a romantic tension in the air as they sat in driveway at Tiffany’s house. She asked Trevor, “Is everything alright?”, to which he responded, “I…I have never wanted to tell someone that I love them so much before.”

And the rest is history…